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Remote Pioneer Day Camp

*The event has already taken place on this date: Mon, 08/31/2020
A safe and fun experience, right from home. Each registered camper will receive an age appropriate kit with materials and instructions for activities, as well as a coupon to return with their family to experience the village at a later date.

Please help us keep this calendar up to date! If this activity is sold out, canceled, or otherwise needs alteration, email so we can update it immediately.

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village presents Remote Pioneer Day Camp throughout the month of August!

A Safe and Fun Experience, Right from Home

Each registered camper will receive an age appropriate kit with materials and instructions for activities, as well as a coupon to return with their family to experience the village at a later date.

Kits will be ready and available starting August 1st and campers will have the month of August to do the activities.  All activities will have written instructions and some will have video instructions which will be available on our website.

We will be posting pictures and videos of camp activities and finished projects on our website and Facebook page. Make sure to send photos of your finished projects to!

Remote Summer Camp Kits

**Subject to change

Age Range: Ages 3 – Pre-Kindergarten

  • Activity 1: All about seeds
    • Use your magnifying glass to explore the similarities and differences between the different kinds of seeds in your kit.
    • In your kit you will find a baggie of dirt and a small pot.  Plant one of the seeds and watch it grow.
    • Make some seed art!
  • Activity 2: “Charlie Needs a Cloak”
    • Go on our website to see Miss. Sara read “Charlie needs a Cloak”.
    • Practice some simple weaving by making your own wooly sheep.
  • Activity 3: “The Little Red Hen”
    • Go on our website to see Miss. Sara read “The Little Red Hen”.
    • Watch how wheat is turned into flour.  What do you use flour for?
    • Make bread in a bag.
    • Make some butter to go along with it.
  • Self-Lead Activities:
    • Animal round-up game
    • Animal action/barnyard yoga
    • Scavenger hun

Age Range: Kindergarten – Age 10

  • Activity 1: Travelling the frontier
    • Go on our website to learn about travelling on the frontier.  Miss. Sara challenges you to make the hard decisions as you pack your wagon for the journey.
    • Make some hardtack to take with you on your travels.
  • Activity 2: Importance of the land
    • Early pioneers had to live off the land and relied on what they grew. Bees are essential for pollination.  Without them we would not be able to put food on our table.  Go to our website to take a peek inside a bee hive.
      • Make a native bee house for your own backyard.
  • Activity 3: Pioneer play
    • Early pioneer life was not all work, there was some time for play as well.  Make corn husk dolls and cup-and-ball.
  • Activity 4: Weaving
    • Weaving is a Pioneer Day Camp favorite! We are spicing up our traditional weaving activity this year and instead of making a pencil/pen holder we will be making a small bowl.
  • Self-Lead Activities
    • Take a look around your yard or neighborhood for some sticks/twigs.  Make a log cabin house, like the ones you would have lived in on the frontier.
    • Go on a nature/bug hunt.  Send in pictures of what you found and make sure to check out our website to see what Miss. Sara found.
    • Ice cream making is another Pioneer Day Camp favorite. Try your hand at making ice cream at home, either in a bag or in a tin can.  Let us know how it tastes.

Age Range: Ages 11 – 14

  • Activity 1: Cooking
    • Begin by learning how to make your own starter.
    • Later, when your starter is ready let’s make sourdough biscuits and some butter.
  • Activity 2: Sheep-to-Shawl
    • Visit our website to learn how to use a drop spindle to spin your wool into yarn.
    • If you wish to, dye your wool in a dye bath.
    • Weave your spun wool into a wall hanging.
  • Activity 3: Jacob’s Ladder
    • Make this fun pioneer game.


Registration for each kit costs $60. 

*Times, dates, and prices of any activity posted to our calendars are subject to change. Please be sure to click through directly to the organization’s website to verify.


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